JGS Bags Tourney Official Rules


16 Teams of 2

The team that wins a coin toss shall either pitch first OR defer.

Winner advances to next round.

Championship Round is a Best of 3.


  • Each player will play with (4) cornhole bags
  • Players must pitch the bags with an under-hand release
  • Player’s feet must remain within the pitcher’s box at the time of releasing the bag
  • Players take turns pitching their bags (one player at a time) until each player has pitched all (4) bags

Scoring Woody – Any cornhole bag that has been pitched and lands on the board. Each Woody is worth 1 point.

Cornhole – Any cornhole bag that has been pitched and lands inside the hole. Each Cornhole is worth 3 points.

Knocker – Any cornhole bag can be knocked in the hole or off the board by either the same player or the opposing player resulting in 3 points or zero points respectively.

Dirty Bags – Any cornhole bag that touched the ground at any time. If the bag touched the ground before landing on the board, no point is recorded and the bag is removed from the board immediately.

Foul – Any cornhole bag that has been pitched in rules violation, i.e. pitching with feet outside of the pitchers box (foul line), pitching over hand, or pitching out of turn.

Cancellation Scoring

In cancellation scoring, the points of one player cancel the points of the other player. In this method of scoring, only one player/team can score in an inning.  Example 1:  Red Team achieves 2 woodies (2 points) and 1 cornhole (3 points) – Blue Team achieves 1 woody (1 point) and 1 cornhole (3 points) >> 5 Red Team points – 4 Blue Team points = 1 Red Team point for that inning  Example 2:  Red Team achieves 0 woodies (0 points) and 1 cornhole (3 points) – Blue Team achieves 3 woodies (3 point) and 0 cornholes (0 points) >> 3 Red Team points – 3 Blue Team points = 0 Team points for that inning


The team that scored points in the previous inning has the honor of pitching first in the next inning. If no score was made then the player/team who pitched first in the previous round shall retain first pitch in the next inning.

Play to 21

Team points are added in each inning to add to the team’s total score. The game is played until one player/team reaches the score of 21 points or more. The winning team does not need to win by two or more points. However, the game cannot end in the middle of an inning. So if a team pitches and reaches or exceeds 21 points, the other team is allowed to pitch all of their bags until the inning is completed. If the cornhole game is tied at 21 or more at the end of an inning, the game will continue until one team scores more points than the other.